Zahra Farhat

Medical Reception Admin (Female)

Nasreen Ajam

Psychologist (Female)

Joo Seok Song (Jay)

Physiotherapist (Male)

Careers at MedFirst

We are always on the lookout for great Doctors (GPs), Allied Health, RN, Intern RN, and Admin Staff.

If you are a Doctor, please give us a call on 02 9587 8000 or email and ask to speak to the Manager.

If you are Allied Health, Registered Nurse, an Intern Nurse or admin related, feel free to send us an email at addressed to the Manager.

For all other general enquiries not careers related, please email reception

Sistata Adikhari

Registered Nurse (Female)

Dr Fauzia Rehan

GP (Female) 

Dr Fauzia Rehan has over 9 years of Australian Medical experience and is also a Fellow of Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP). She has five years of  Australian hospital experience working across a multitude of specialties including, Emergency Medicine, ICU, CCU, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Anesthetics, Gastroenterology, General Surgery & General Medicine. Her experience across multitude of specialties makes her a confident and competent General Practitioner.

Special Interests
* Chronic Disease Management (including but not limited to Diabetes,Coronary artery disease, Hypertension, Asthma, COPD)
* Weight Management /Exercise Physiology,   
* Family & Child-raising,   
* Women's Health
* Mental Health /Stress Management,  
* Self esteem, body image, Motivation,  Positive thinking
* Lifestyle & Preventive medicine.  
* Building & Maintaining Relationships,   
* Pre-pregnancy Planning
* Shared Care Obstetrics  
* Paediatrics  

She is available Mon-Fri, 1pm to 9pm

Michelle Wu

Medical Reception Admin (Female)

REVIV Sydney

REVIV Sydney 

​Developed by medical physicians, REVIV is the world leading formula in elective hydration, beauty and wellness therapy. Trusted internationally at several locations worldwide, receive  wellness from the inside to radiate on the outside. All our clients are first screened and medically assessed prior to receiving any of our infusions or IM Shots, which are always  delivered by medical staff.

Ruchi Tudu

Registered Nurse (Female)

Jay is an excellent Physiotherapist who completed his studies at the prestigious University of Melbourne in 2010. He has over 8 years of experience working as a clinician.

He is trained in managing injuries and conditions across the life spectrum, from musculoskeletal sports injuries to chronic disease. He takes a flexible and multi-modal approach to management of injuries, including the use of hands-on treatment and rehabilitation exercise.

Outside of his work, Jay is a sportsman who enjoys playing basketball and soccer. Beyond being a capable and technically qualified therapist, Jay has an exceptional bedside manner and is sure to make any client feel at ease with their physiotherapy treatment.

Breanna is a bubbly and passionate medical student, who always shares a smile.

Breanna has completed a 3-year Undergraduate degree in Pre-medicine, Science and Health and is enrolled in Postgraduate Medicine at the University of Wollongong. She looks forward to welcoming you at the reception desk. 

Nasreen is a Psychologist who uses an eclectic approach to assist people from all walks of life to deal with a variety of issues and stressors.

She is able to provide assessments and is experienced in a range of mental health problems.

Nasreen is also Work and Development Order Accredited. 

Ruchi is a Registered Nurse graduated from Avondale College. Her nursing skills have been cultivated and established during her various placements in the hospital environment and during her experience working at MedFirst Medical Centre for her New Graduate. 

She is attentive and proactive in providing quality care. She maintains professional and technical knowledge with continuous professional development. She is of Indian background But has grown up in Thailand therefore has nurtured a respect for all cultures. 

Nyssa Djualim

Dietitian (Female)


Nyssa is an enthusiastic and motivated accredited practicing dietitian who used to be a practicing GP overseas. She is passionate about helping her patients achieve their goals by providing individualised advice and support. 


Due to her vast knowledge in the medical field as a doctor and keen interest in nutrition, Nyssa provides patients with a specialised look at dietetics that goes unmatched.

Hayden Sip

Medical Reception Admin (Male)

 Joyce Lei

​Registered Nurse (Female)

Ms Lei is the centre's highly experienced Registered Nurse. She is highly efficient and attentive to detail in whatever task she sets out to do, providing support to the GPs. 

She is of Chinese background and is fluent in Cantonese/Mandarin.

Natasha Ramessur

Psychologist (Female)

Dr Irene Rosul

GP (Female)


Dr Rosul is a female GP who has worked in Australia as a Doctor for more than 19 years of which she spent 5 years at the renowned Concord Hospital. She has a passion for women's health, child health and mental health.


In addition to English, Dr Rosul can speak Bengali, understand Hindi/Urdu and is available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Please call if after worker's compensation or a medical assessment for work as these are appointment only

Rouba Mawassi

Registered Nurse (Female)

Breanna Sip

Medical Reception Admin (Female)

Call Us:  +612 9587 8000

Stefan Placanica

Medical Reception Admin (Male)

Julia Figueira

Medical Reception Admin (Female)

Daniella Kermeci

Medical Reception Admin (Female)

MedFirst Medical Centre 

Dr Belqees Omar

​GP (Female)

Dr Omar is a highly experienced female GP.  She loves women's health and general wellness. She also has a passion for aesthetic medicine and lots of experience and interest in mental health. Dr Omar also specialises in worker's compensation and medical assessments for work. Please call to book.

She is of Afghan background and can speak in addition to English - Pashto, Urdu, Hindi and some Arabic. She is available Wednesday and Sunday.